For today’s activity you will be looking at a variety of gears on the internet.  For each gear system you see, you will answer the same questions.



  1. What is the gear system?

  2. What is the gear system used for?

  3. How many gears are being used?

  4. What types of gears are being used?

  5. Is the system used to change speed or direction (or both)?

  6. What is the input to make the system work?

You will be answering the questions on your worksheet.  A copy of that worksheet can be downloaded here.


Below you will find the pictures to answer your questions  Each picture has been thumbnailed, meaning that you will see a smaller version of it below, if you wish to see the full image, simple click on the picture and it will open to full size.  Once you are done looking at the picture, simply press "back" on your browser.  Note:  Some of the pictures are fairly small, and will not get much bigger.


Gear System #1


For this gear system you will find only one picture.  This picture is designed simply to show the gears.  Based on the shape you should be able to tell what the device is, if you cannot you could ask a friend.




Gear System #2


For this gear system you will find two example pictures.  Both pictures show the same setup.  the first picture is the actual mechanism, where as the second is a drawing.  You may locate the gears more easily using the drawing, but I recommends you go back to looking at the real picture after you understand how the gears work..



Gear System #3


For this gear system you will find two example pictures.  These pictures are not the same setup, however they use the same basic type of gear.  The gears are more easily seen in the second picture, however once you have seen the gears in the second picture, you will be able to spot them more readily in the first.





Gear System #4


For this system system you will see two pictures.  The first picture shows the entire device, the second shows what is called a "cut-away".  This second picture is the one in which you will see all of the gears.  This device is a transmission that is used to convert rotation from one source into rotation for another.




Gear System #5


For this gear system you will find two example pictures.  both of those pictures are a different setup.  Please answer your questions based on the first picture.  The second picture is present to show you how complicated the gear system for this device can be.




When you have completed your worksheet, below you will find a video from Youtube that discusses some of the information we have learned about gears.  This will help to reinforce your learning.